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Shin Kai Shin Co., Ltd.


      SKS was founded in 2014. Unlike general trading companies , the products are factory-operated . SKS will be responsible for planning more efficient production arrangements and strict quality control . With 20 years of manufacturing and manufacturing experience , CEOs can help clients who need to develop new products to develop from design to subsequent production , from 3D drawing , review , evaluation , development of molds to mass production , to production scheduling and Quality management and packaging lead to shipments , helping customers save more time and manpower . SKS has good communication and service capabilities , and can report the management and shipping process of customers' products in the first time. In order to solve the immediate problem of product and process corrections can open multi-party conferencing to video communications software to easily reach a consensus on both sides .

      Since its establishment in October 2014 , SKS has grown from an annual turnover of 4 million to 15 million . In the future , we will continue to uphold the integrity of each customer , and strictly control the quality of our products with a pragmatic attitude , listen carefully to the opinions and needs of our customers , continuously improve , pursue excellence and continue to grow .

    SKS成立於2014年。與一般貿易公司不同,產品皆為工廠直營。SKS會憑藉著專業負責規劃更有效率的生產安排以及嚴格的品質管控。CEO擁有20年的製造和生產經驗,可以幫助需要開發新產品的客戶進行從設計到後續量產作業的開發計畫,從3D繪圖、審查、評估、開發模具到量產,再到生產安排及質量管理和包裝以致出貨,幫助客戶節省更多時間和人力。 SKS擁有良好的溝通和服務能力,能在第一時間回報給客戶產品的管理情況和出貨流程。為了即時解決產品問題和流程更正也能以視訊通訊軟件開多方會議,輕鬆達成雙方共識 。


About SKS / 關於欣楷鑫


YMJ was designed by SKS, inspired by the designer himself as along-term worker in front of computer screen but can not find a suitable frame and feeling distress. In order to meet this demand he determined to develop one by himself, hope to make every user through this user-friendly design can also have a better life experience.

關於 YMJ


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